buy-glass-bongLike a number of products on the market, glass bongs are offered at varying price points. These price points reflect the quality of the bongs as well as things such as their size and storage capacity. When looking to purchase a number of glass bongs, you will want to consider the price ranges that are among the low end which are the cheapest, the intermediate which are the average price for bongs and also the high end which are more expensive as well as the best quality. As a result, you will have plenty of options to choose from when looking to get glass bongs in terms of their price.

The first type of glass bong that you can get is one among the low end in terms of price point. These bongs are usually quite small and are offered at price of around $30. While this may seem cheap, it will usually help beginners get a feel for using glass bongs and also allow them to get one at a very affordable price. With glass bongs priced at the low end, consumers will have a very convenient option to take advantage of when looking to get this unique product.

Consumers who are looking to purchase glass bongs will have the option of purchasing ones that are in the intermediate price point and high end. The intermediate priced glass bongs are larger than the low priced bongs but smaller than the high end ones. They are also priced at about $40 to $50 and are therefore still quite affordable for most consumers. With the high end glass bongs, you will usually need to pay anywhere from $60 to over $100. However, these bongs are the largest available built with the most durable materials. They are also ones that contain the highest liquid capacity and give consumers the best overall experience when it comes to blowing glass bongs.