Top Flooring Options for Cabins

Cabins present an excellent getaway for people looking to take a break from their normal life. Among essential elements of your cabin’s interior design is the flooring; an old, damaged floor could be an eyesore to your family and guests, as wells as people looking to buy your cabin when the time to sell comes. You, therefore, need to invest in cabin flooring that can withstand the test of time, heavy traffic, and soiling with sand and mud.

Here are the top three flooring options for your cabin:

Wood Flooring

Wood is the commonest flooring material for cabins, and for a good reason. This floor is extremely durable and effortlessly introduces the natural outdoorsy aura into your cabin. Wood flooring, ranging from contemporary laminate to reclaimed hardwood, is a popular choice for cabin owners owing to its warmth and texture.

This flooring material is also very versatile. If you’re looking for a hard floor with an extended lifespan, you may go for oak, mahogany, or maple; these are very resilient and less susceptible to scratching. Creating visually appealing patterns on your cabin floor is also as easy as pie, thanks to the likes of parquet flooring.

Tile Flooring

Tiles provide a durable flooring option that’s resistant to scratch while requiring close to zero maintenance. The most interesting aspect that appeals to cabin owners is the ability to heat tiles for warmth. Besides, tile flooring is resistant to moisture and stains; this floor is as easy to clean as it is comfortable under your feet.

Vinyl Tile Flooring

This flooring material is among the most durable cabin floor options. It provides a warm and comfortable underfoot, making it suitable for kids and pets. Vinyl tile flooring is an excellent option for cabins located in wet areas, thanks to its unmatched resistance to water and mould. Besides, this flooring is the best choice for cabin remodelling as it can be installed over old and uneven subfloors.

The Bottom Line

Numerous flooring options would look great and perform perfectly in your cabin regardless of your budget or style. Some cabin flooring options also boast practicality by providing a comfortable underfoot for your family and guests; some even allow heating!

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